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A Premium Doorstep Service Provider for Valet Trash & Offsite Recycling.

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One of the highest rated amenities

Here is why

No more dealing with smelly, dirty overflowing dumpsters!

No more hauling trash in your car

No more disputes about whose turn it is to go to the dumpster!

No more lugging garbage down the stairs!

No more potentially unsafe night-time walks to dumpsters.

A clean community = Happy residents

Risk Free Monthly Revenue Source

No Up Front Costs, No Budgeting - Easy Implementation

Increase Your Net Operating Income

Amenity that 100% of Residences will enjoy from Day One

How it works

Valet Service System

  • Door-To-Door Valet Trash pick-up from Tenant’s door by Professional, Clean-Cut Uniformed Service Valets Sun-Thurs
  • Door-To-Door Recycling ‘Blue Bag’ pickup from Tenant’s Door
  • Trash and Recycling Bags Are Collected in a Shoulder Harness, Anti-Drip Collection Container.
  • Review and Inspect Valet Waste Solutions provided Trash Container and, as needed, Clean and Spray with Lysol
  • Replace Trash Containers As Needed at no cost to property or tenant
  • Trash Bags Taken to On-Site Dumpster/Compactor for Disposal
  • Dumpster Area Swept Clean of Loose Trash

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